Psychotherapy Consultation


Dr. Varona is an astute and generous teacher and mentor for beginning psychotherapists. He pays close attention to students' learning processes, especially as they are building their clinical skills, knowledge, and judgement. His supportive direction and guidance helps psychotherapists become healthier, more balanced, aware people and successful clinicians.

-Eunice Kim, PsyD. Private Practice & Former Director of Training at Adler University

If you are a counselor or psychotherapist and would like consultation or mentorship, please reach out to me. There are two groups who would benefit from consultation:

  1. Beginning counselors & psychotherapists hoping to get one-on-one support in learning basic therapy skills.

  2. Seasoned counselors & psychotherapists hoping to get one-on-one support specializing in one, two or three of the primary areas of my specialization:

    • Psychoanalytic Psychology: Object Relations & Relational models

    • Attachment-Based Psychology: Attachment styles, Mentalization & Affect Regulation

    • Evolutionary-Based Psychology: Evolutionary Psychology, Psychopathology & Developmental models

Regardless of which of these you are seeking, depending on what you need, I strive to help you with:

  • Advanced diagnostic skills

  • Advanced theory study & learning

  • Theoretical case conceptualization

  • Clinical Treatment Planning

  • Interventions: what, why & how to respond to material in session

  • Clinical case consultation: overcoming impasses, focusing treatment, etc.

Consultation: I request we meet at least once monthly.  You can also choose to come more often as the need arises or your urgency requires. The fee for a consultation is $75 per hour.

Please note: Neither consultation nor mentorship is formal supervision.  If you are not licensed, you must have a licensed supervisor under whom you are working and who will provide specific directives for your therapy work.  

For examples of my teaching related to these content areas, please visit my YouTube page. Please subscribe to the page to receive updates.